Monday, August 24, 2009

Attempt at graphic novel...

I was inspired by my great friend/son, Bevin [adopted] to draw a graphic novel. I am pleased with the unfinished first draft because I actually got heaps done, where I normally would have done nothing. It cost me a bottle of Laphroaig though for being over deadline.
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The graphic novel was a vague attempt to capture ideas my grandfather Claude has about our origins being of an alien variety from somewhere near Sirius. It features heavy Egyptian and religious influences, also because of my grandfathers influence on me as I grew up, listening to his stories.
Needless to say I believe everything he says :-)

Sadly the scans are cruddy.


I have always admired artists who can draw, sketch, paint, caricature portraits. I thought it would be impossible to do, then one day I just could. Only certain people though.
I have, in recent years, taken to drawing students in my classes. Its fun and they seem to enjoy it.
This image is a decent likeness of a kid in this years class who looks a lot like Stewie Griffin.

Flickr doodles

Until now I have used Flickr to post my doodles. Its a great place to join communities of like-minded artists, etc. Lotsa fun!

Drawing in The Now

I never know what is going to come out of my pen. It just does... sometimes :-) It is very therapeutic and meditative for me. Eckhart Tolle would be proud... maybe.
Feel free to leave me comments, thoughts, ideas, interpretations of my work, etc.
It's just for fun [but please don't nick my images]